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Auto Check Treeview

This handy little procedure will handle all child Checkboxes in a TreeView control. If you check a parent node it will automatically check the child node(s).
The procedure is called recursivly.

Original Author: Wolfgang Schoenberger


' Add this procedure to your source code
Private Sub process_check(node As node, ch As Boolean, frst As Boolean)
' ch = True or False, depending of the first node
' frst is True when the procedure is called for the first time
' otherwise frst is always false
  Dim n As node
  Dim n2 As node
' If the current Node has no children and procedure is called 1st time
' just check the node and exit
  If node.Children = 0 And frst Then
    node.Checked = True
    Exit Sub
  End If
  Set n2 = node
  While Not n2 Is Nothing
' If the node has children
' check the node and call process_check recursivly with the first child node, ch
' and False as frst parameter
    If n2.Children Then
      n2.Checked = ch
      process_check n2.Child, ch, False

' If procedure is called 1st time, set n2 to Nothing, so that Loop can end
' otherwise set n2 to the next sibling node
      If frst Then
        Set n2 = Nothing
        Set n2 = n2.Next
      End If
' If node has no children, check the node and set n2 to the next sibling node
      n2.Checked = ch
      Set n2 = n2.Next
    End If
End Sub
' You can call this procedure from your node_check event.
' Exmaple
Private Sub TV1_NodeCheck(ByVal node As MSComctlLib.node)
  process_check node, node.Checked, True
End Sub

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