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Time Difference

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

Displays the difference between two times in Hours Minutes and seconds

Original Author: Onisan


Start time and End Time


Returns time as HH:NN:SS


Sub Test()
          'Start Time, End Time
  MsgBox TimeDiff("11:34:29", "20:32:20")
End Sub

Function TimeDiff(STime As Date, ETime As Date) As Date
Dim TimeSecs, Hrs As Double
  'Get Total Number of seconds difference
  TimeSecs = DateDiff("S", STime, ETime)
    'If Difference is a minus(-), add 24 hours worth of seconds.
    If TimeSecs <> Abs(TimeSecs) Then: TimeSecs = TimeSecs + 86400
    'If there are hours get them here
    If TimeSecs >= 3600 Then: Hrs = Fix(TimeSecs / 3600)
    TimeDiff = TimeSerial(Hrs, 0, TimeSecs - (Hrs * 3600))
End Function

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Visual Basic 6


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