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Drugwars 2002

This is merely an attempt to create a more
advanced version of the game Drugwars that
many of you are familiar with. Through a nice
GUI, a more intelligent code and random events
that makes the game much more fun to play. As
well as interrest rates that goes up and down,
prices that floats and much more. Please note that this is a work in progress, so it's merely just the start of the game. Still quite alot of work to do on it.

Original Author: Kjell Arne Brudvik


IMPORTANT: Rename the npmod32.dl_ to npmod32.dll.
(This DLL is running the music system, instead of
using those huge MP3 files, I chose to use the
old MOD/IT/XM system instead. The sound quality
is quite good, and the file size of the music
files are far smaller than std. MP3.)


FINAL NOTICE: I tried several times to upload
the source and the additional files here at PSC,
but after the 7th attempt, I gave up, so I've
placed the files here instead.


FILESIZE: The total file size for this project
is about 2.5MB.

Side Effects

NOTE: Read the 'keyboard.txt' in order to learn
how to operate the keyboard commands in the game.

API Declarations

(note that you need all 3 modules in order for
the game to work)


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