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_*WinCrypt Packager 1.0*_

Remember CyberCrypt a few years back? well heres a re-vamp of that. I was originally going to do 'CyberCrypt 9.0 Final' a year ago, but didn't, this was because it was two years when I began developing a new fresh application for file archiving. Well Ive finally finished most of it. Its still in the beta stage but could be classed as a complete application. Yet, help documents are not complete and technical changes will be needed as well as advances for other beta versions. Ive spend many hours developing this application over the past two years and would hope for some good contstructive crititisum. For some of you this application may not open in visual basic, this is because it does rather take a lot of memory while in editing mode (vb interface). Its best run in compiled state. At the moment their is only one archive type, 'non-compression'. This is because I'm working on a way of implementing compression for a later version of the application, if it gets votes etc... Original plans was actually to sell the application by the time it had zip, ace and other compression modules adapted, but found it too hard to make or couldn't find the resources to do so, without having to use active X controls which would probably add problems to the program. By far, this packing application is one of the most advanced ones on this site, I know this because Ive looked around. Soon their will be a new archive type which does not take as long to add files, unlike the current archive structure. On the other hand the new type takes longer to seek for the file name, were as the older type goes to an index of file names were it can find the correct data located somewere in the file. Im also glad to say that the interface has been sorted out compaired to CyberCrypt (8) which won an award on planet-source-code.
List of good features:
1: Able to delete file(s) out of archives
2: Able to rename file(s) selected while in the
archive, which is an advantage over other
packing programs.
3: Folders now can be used
4: Comments can be added to archives making it
easier to understand whats in the archive, plus
any copywrite information you would like to add
to the application.
5: Lots of file adding features although file
extraction features are not completely finished.
6: File type sorting in the file properties
options with lots of little features
7: List sortings
8: Archive error-checking.
Their is so much it would take a while to list
the available options. If you have any queries,
comments or ideas please send me an email or
leave a comment. Votes are much appriciated. Thank you.

Original Author: Studioworx UK


'''''''''''''Code Link'''''''''''''''''

Code link -

'''''''''''''code link'''''''''''''''''
Please vote for my work, It would help me decide
if I should make a better version to this one.
Theirs so many people that download code and
just use it in their applications when they
havent paid any respect to the copywrite owner
so its much apriciated to me if a comment or
vote is placed.

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