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Moving StarField Form BG (3D Version)

This is a really cool form effect, it looks like a starfield moving from the middle of the screen out at you, it kind of looks like the Windows screen saver.

This is not originally my code, but i like it so much that i have made a better version of it. You can change the speed and color of the field. This is an update of my last submission. Enjoy.

Original Author: Adam Lane

  1. Create a form and a timer
  2. Form1 and Timer1
  3. Copy this code into your form

Dim X(50), Y(50), xSpeed(50), ySpeed(50) As Integer
Private Sub Form_Load()
    Dim i As Integer
    Timer1.Interval = 4
    Form1.BackColor = vbBlack
    Form1.ForeColor = vbBlack
    Form1.FillColor = vbBlack
    For i = 0 To 49
        X(i) = -1
        Y(i) = -1
    Next i
    Timer1.Enabled = True
End Sub

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
    Dim i As Integer
    For i = 0 To 49
        PSet (X(i), Y(i)), &H0&
        If X(i) < 0 Or X(i) > Form1.ScaleWidth Or Y(i) < 0 Or Y(i) > Form1.ScaleHeight Then
            X(i) = Form1.ScaleWidth 2
            Y(i) = Form1.ScaleHeight 2
            xSpeed(i) = Int(Rnd(1) * 200) - 100
            ySpeed(i) = Int(Rnd(1) * 200) - 100
        End If
        X(i) = X(i) + xSpeed(i)
        Y(i) = Y(i) + ySpeed(i)
        PSet (X(i), Y(i)), &HFFFFFF
    Next i
End Sub

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