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A Tip to save Time

This is a tip that will save many of you VB Programmers a lot of time. It is a piece of code that allows the user in one line of code to create a toggle system. Enjoy

Original Author: Adam Lane


A Tip to Save Time

by Adam Lane

Say you want to make a toggle system, eg: You have a form and in that form you
have a Picture Box and a Command Button and you want to make a project where
whenever you click on the Command Button, the Picture Box will go
invisible/visible (opposite to what it's current state is). Instead of having to
write this boring code:

Private Sub Command1_Click()

??? If Picture1.Visible = True Then

??????? Picture1.Visible = False

??? ElseIf Picture1.Visible = False Then

??????? Picture1.Visible = True

??? End If

End Sub

You can Replace it with this easy code:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
??? Picture1.Visible = Not Picture1.Visible

End Sub

I know that code is simple and the majority of you probably already knew it. But
I know that there would be many people in the VB World that didn't.

?- Adam Lane

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