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things you can do with a Rich Text Box

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

This Will Teach You How To Do Many Things With A RTB.

Original Author: Steven Dorman


Welcome to the unknown coders Rich Text Box Tutorial

1.Have you ever wondered how to format etc. using RTB's?

In Visual basics, there is a control called a RichText Box

This RichText Box allows you to Syntax Color , change font color ,
change font size , as well as allowing text to be bold,italisized,underlined,have strikethrough,size,type
and MUCH more!

through out the tutorial we will refer to richtext boxes as " rtb " or "rtb's"

there will be a few sections , explaing how to do these things , along with some helpful info along the way.

2.Possible Uses...

there some possible uses for RTB's , like :

A html editor , the use could be syntax coloring.

a text editor ( like wordpad ) so you can use font types , colors and sizes

or just to make your programs look nicer!

3.the bare basic's ( bold etc )

First we will need to make the rtb.
to get one:

start a .exe project and :

press and hold ALT and then press p this will open the menu ,

now ( still holding alt ) press N , this will open the " refrences " menu.

scroll down the list untill you find some sort of thing says rich text it and click ok.

for newbie programmers:

ALOT of functions and controls are not in the list to your left ,

to get more , simply repeat the previus selecting a diffrent one.

first thing : use that newfound rtb control and make a rtb on your form and name it rtb.

next i would create some sort of button etc. , name is cmdbold and attach this code to it:

if rtb.selbold = false then
rtb.selbold = true
rtb.selbold = false
end if


rtb.selbold is the formation to make the rtb well bold

the if procedure checks to see if its bold , if it isnt turns it on , and vica verca ( i think i spelt taht wrong )

here are some other things you can do to change the formating in an rtb.

replace selbold with:

selitalic , this makes it italisized

selunderline , this makes it underlined

selstrikethru , this makes is striked ( cant do that one :P )

4.colors and sizes!

its the same structure for color and sizes

add a new button called cmdcolor , and add a commondialog control and name it cd.

attach this code to cmdcolor :

on error resume next
rtb.selcolor = cd.color

this simply opens a color dialog box and sets the rtb's color ( the line is rtb.selcolor = cd.color )

size is the same except this is all you need:

make a new button and name it cmdsizeto40 , then add this code to the button

on error resume next
rtb.selfontsize = 40

this simply sets the rtb size to 40!

thanx for reading this article , i will make it better , but i have to go.

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