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Duration calculater

This code takes a value of seconds as an input value and then calculates the duration in seconds, minutes, hours and days without using any VB date function. This code runs super fast. I wrote this for my IRC Server and thought it might be any useful for you... if you like it, you may want to vote, if not, well the not, i guess ;)

Original Author: Dennis Fisch


Public Function Duration(ByVal InSeconds As Long) As String

Dim Seconds As Long, mins As Long, Hours As Long, Days As Long

Seconds = InSeconds Mod 60

mins = (InSeconds 60) Mod 60

Hours = ((InSeconds 60) 60) Mod 24

Days = ((InSeconds 60) 60) 24

Duration = Days & " days " & Format$(Hours, "00") & ":" & Format$(mins, "00") &
":" & Format$(Seconds, "00")

End Function

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Posted: 2003-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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