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Print Layout

This piece of code loops through the controls on a form and sends the contents to the default printer in a layout similar to the screen. Therefore your forms contents are printed in the same positions as they are on screen. I use this to print out a simple record report on the db application I am working on. Works with labels, text boxes and list boxes etc.

Original Author: ronniec23


Sub Print_rec()
On Error GoTo print_err
With Printer
  .Orientation = 1 '1 = portrait, 2 = landscape
  .CurrentX = 3000 ' move text over and down for title
  .CurrentY = 1440
  .FontBold = True
  .FontSize = 12
  Printer.Print "Record Details"
  .FontSize = 9 'Change back font size
  .FontBold = False 'Change back to none bold font
'This section loops through the controls on the screen and prints the contents of the control.
' I used the tag property to filter controls as there was some controls on the screen I didnt want printing (buttons, check boxes etc.)
For Each Control In Me.Controls
  If Control.Tag = "prt" Then
  .CurrentX = Control.Left + 250 ' sets the position for printing (+ 250 move's it in about 1cm from side of sheet)
  .CurrentY = Control.Top + 2400 ' + 2400 allows space for title
  If Control.Name Like "lbl*" Then
    Printer.Print Control.Caption & ":"  'print label captions and a ":"
  Printer.Print Control.Text ' prints contents of text box
  End If
  End If
Next Control
End With
MsgBox "Printed!"
Exit Sub
  MsgBox "Error in printing tender details."
  Exit Sub
End Sub

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