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Truth Internetworks

Truth Internetworks is software which I'm hoping will one day will take a chunk out of America Online's usage. Looking for developers who are willing to work for free in their spare time to help develop a constantly evolving content provider. Please read for more information.

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I would first like to apologize for posting this in the "code" section. I
would post this in the forums, but as far as I can tell, just about nobody uses
the forums anymore. I can't post this in Rent A Coder because this project has
nothing to do with money. However, there is some code available, so this
seems like the best place to post it.


Truth Internetworks (TIN) has been a project of mine since the day I sat
down at my dad's computer and started learning Visual Basic 3 on Windows 3.0. 
The concept behind it is simple: a software platform that performs very much
like America Online, but a) is free, b) works better, and c) is not loaded with
tons and tons of non-standard coding.

Several weeks ago, I started working on this dream of mine. Up to this point,
I've been able to create a completely working, fully functional e-mail client
(send/receive HTML e-mail with attachments, filter out junk mail, etc.) and a
rather mediocre web browser.  I've been doing a lot of programming in the
areas of string parsing, and I've been doing a lot of research, mainly here on
Planet Source Code. I've come to the realization that my software will never be
complete without the help of volunteers. Everyone is welcome to help work on it,
but there's a certain set of people I'd like to have join my "team." There's
lots to be learned, and experience is well worth it.

What is Truth Internetworks?

For lack of a better term, TIN is a "content subscription service client."
Users request information much in the same manner as AOL, and the software
delivers it to them.  Many Internet tools (and non-Internet tools) are
bundled with the software, such as a robust web browser and e-mail client, a
download accelerator/manager, centralized chat/instant messaging and forums,
intelligent web-research agents, peer-2-peer file sharing, etc. The heart of
TIN, however, is the content provider service.  Web developers can write
attractive web interfaces using any form of web programming (exactly like you
would on a normal web site) and deliver it to TIN users.

Sounds like this software is just a web browser with extra software built
in. What makes it so special?

The difference between a normal web site and the content that a user will
see on TIN is all in the dynamics. A normal web site allows you to display text,
images, run client-side scripts, and the like. Server-side programming, such as
ASP, PHP, and any other form of CGI, allows sites to be a little more dynamic,
and provide customized Web pages that can be customized to the user's liking. 
With the right plug-ins, users can enjoy multimedia such as Flash and Windows
Media. Either way, there are still limitations placed on what a web site can do.

TIN content separates itself from web pages by removing all of
the limitations. In addition to being able to perform all of the functions of a
web page, TIN content can also do things such as burn and play CDs or DVDs, help
remove viruses from your computer, make your system run more efficiently, act as
a telephone with built-in answering machine for your computer (provided you have
a free phone line, that is), sync up with your Pocket PC or Palm, help do your
taxes, etc. Basically, anything you can do as a programmer, you can also do as a
TIN content author.

Wait, if TIN can do all these things, how could it possibly be safe?

In not so many words, it isn't safe. Thus, all submitted content must
checked and given the OK before it can be published.

Okay, I'm interested. How do I join the team?

There are a couple of ways. The first way is to go to the Truth Internetworks web site
( The
second way is to leave a comment here. Either way, contact me somehow. I'm
anxious to start filling seats in the team and get this project rolling. Any
ideas anyone else has are welcome, as well. =)

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