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[ RGB Form Colour Changer ]

This little code will allow you to change the forms colour using Scroll Bar and Text Boxes, this can be changed to change the colour of a Text Box, etc. Please vote and leave your comments :)

Original Author: JamesJD


Three Scroll Bars named: hsbRed, hsbGreen, and hsbBlue. Also three Text Boxes named: txtRed, txtGreen, and txtBlue.


Private Sub Form_Load()
  hsbRed.Value = 255
  hsbGreen.Value = 255
  hsbBlue.Value = 255
End Sub
Private Sub hsbBlue_Change()
  Form1.BackColor = RGB(hsbRed.Value, hsbGreen.Value, hsbBlue.Value)
  txtBlue.Text = hsbBlue.Value
End Sub
Private Sub hsbGreen_Change()
  Form1.BackColor = RGB(hsbRed.Value, hsbGreen.Value, hsbBlue.Value)
  txtGreen.Text = hsbGreen.Value
End Sub
Private Sub hsbRed_Change()
  Form1.BackColor = RGB(hsbRed.Value, hsbGreen.Value, hsbBlue.Value)
  txtRed.Text = hsbRed.Value
End Sub
Private Sub txtBlue_Change()
  hsbBlue.Value = txtBlue.Text
End Sub
Private Sub txtGreen_Change()
  hsbGreen.Value = txtGreen.Text
End Sub
Private Sub txtRed_Change()
  hsbRed.Value = txtRed.Text
End Sub

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Posted: 2003-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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