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GetTok - How to tokenize a string ? (Like $gettok() in mIRC Scripting)

It simply tokenizes the string by a specified separator.

Original Author: Roni Tovi


Like $gettok identifier in mIRC. Easy to understand and use. Please vote for my code because this is my first code on :)


'Paste it into a module and call from anywhere!
Public Function GetTok(strString As String, N As Integer, strSep As String)
On Error Resume Next
Dim GArray
GArray = Split(strString, strSep)
If N = 0 Then
'if you specify 0 as N, then the function returns how much tokens exists in your string
GetTok = UBound(GArray) + 1
Exit Function
End If
GetTok = GArray(n - 1)
End Function

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Posted: 2003-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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