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Another Progressbar without any OCX

It's just one Sub-Procedure that can fill a picturebox as if it was a progressbar. Also you can choose one of more than eight different styles!

Original Author: Max Christian Pohle


Just call SetStatus as shown in my example (only included in the zip-file!).
Call SetStatus() with the following Parameters:
1: The real Name of a (normal) Picturebox included in your project
2: Number of Percent to fill it with
and the following optional parameters are:
3: specify a style (1 to 7) for "fullfilling"...
4: specify a style (0 to 6) for the "lines-around" -can produce a 3D-effect


why i recommend you to use my code are the following facts:
- you dont need any OCX-File to use it
- it looks nice and gives your application an individual style
- my code does not run as slow as many others I have seen here *urgh* :-)


a -hopefully- nicelooking progressbar

API Declarations

Sure that you -could- use APIs and please implement some if you want my progressbar to be transparent or anything. But don't be cruel and think my bar would be faster using them! :-)


Sub SetStatus(Progressbar As Object, Percent As Integer, Optional Style As Integer, Optional Style2 As Integer)
  Progressbar.AutoRedraw = True
  Progressbar.FontTransparent = True
  Progressbar.Tag = Percent
  Progressbar.ScaleWidth = 100
  Progressbar.ScaleHeight = 10
  Progressbar.DrawStyle = Style2
  Progressbar.DrawMode = 13
  Progressbar.FillStyle = Style
  Progressbar.Line (0, 0)-(Percent, Progressbar.ScaleHeight - 1), , BF
  Progressbar.Line (0, 0)-(Percent, Progressbar.ScaleHeight - 1), , B
  Progressbar.FontTransparent = False
  Progressbar.CurrentX = 50 - Progressbar.TextWidth(Percent & "%")
  Progressbar.CurrentY = (Progressbar.ScaleHeight / 2) - (Progressbar.TextHeight(Percent & "%") / 2)
  Progressbar.FontBold = True
  Progressbar.FontSize = 7
  Progressbar.FontName = "Tahoma"
  Progressbar.Print " " & Percent & "% "
End Sub

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