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A1 - 'Animated' spinning globe using only a label and a timer. (WebDings Required)

Using webdings, you can created a VERY rudamentary spinning globe. Please do not vote.

Original Author: [])utch[]v[]aster


Const G1 As String = "??"
Const G2 As String = "?"
Const G3 As String = "?"
'Label needs to be WEBDINGS font, at a relatively large size.
'My Timer1.Interval is set to 150
Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
If Label1 = G1 Then
  Label1 = G2
ElseIf Label1 = G2 Then
  Label1 = G3
  Label1 = G1
End If
End Sub

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Posted: 2003-06-01
By: ArchiveBot
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Visual Basic 6


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