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LaUnix Operating System v 0.0.1

First Unix was written in BCPL (Basic Combined Programming Language). In 1973, Unix OS was rewitten in C.
Today, its visual basic language. LaUnix is future OS -- (3D OS, Internet kernel, kernel will be create by you) -- born in 2004. Verison 0.0.0 wasn't success product. Now, Verison 0.0.1 includes: ASM bootable OS disk, linux kernel bootdisk source code for C, and Visual Basic source code for console, calulator, notepad, etc. Be sure to compile at C:launixlaunix.exe. (not tested on XP & NT)
Tell me what you like/dislike about this program. I'll be working next verison. I'll be adding docs how to build 3d operating system. Don't forget to vote.

Original Author: Jimmy Lau


'To create operating system bootdisk. You need 'blank 1.44 disk. Your hard disks are not 'affected in any way. Always be sure you 'put "C:launixlaunix.exe" the code is not 'compete yet.

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Posted: 2003-06-01
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