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Am I running in the IDE?

The proper way to find out whether your code is running in the IDE or was compiled

Original Author: Ulli


'this code goes into a class named cEnvironment
Option Explicit
Public Enum eEnvironment
  EnvironIDE = 1
  EnvironCompiled = 2
End Enum
Public Property Get QueryEnvironment() As eEnvironment
  QueryEnvironment = EnvironCompiled
  Debug.Assert Not SetToIDE(QueryEnvironment)
End Property
Private Function SetToIDE(Env As eEnvironment) As Boolean
  Env = EnvironIDE
End Function
'make QueryEnvironment the default property of class cEnvironment
'and then use this anywhere in your code
Private Sub Something()
Dim Environment As New cEnvironment
  Print IIf(Environment = EnvironIDE, " I am running in the IDE", _
                    " Somebody had mercy and compiled me")
'  you don't normally print the result, so you might type this...
'  If Environment =
'  ..and you will see the two possibilities in VB's popup
End Sub

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Posted: 2003-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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