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isButton 3.1 Update 2004:10:8

Hi every one. I've updated the isButton, you can get it on the page it was before here on PSC
also, I've made a ocx version for those have requested It.
this message will be deleted soon, but I thought this was a nice ay to repply to all the e-mail I've recibed claiming for updates. and to the PSC admins, sorry, I promise that I won't do this again :)
visit to get the compiled ocx.
happy coding.

Original Author: Fred.cpp




This is a Multi style control, with
properties that allow the programmer customize the apareance of the control. See

Made By Fred.cpp

comments and sugestions

e-mail me to:

I'm not on the runing for a price, so I hope this don't be so bad :-)

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Posted: 2003-06-01
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