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A CountChar - Better than looping through a string!!!

It used to be, when I wanted to count the number of times a charector appeared in a string, I would loop through the string letter by letter and keep a count. I have replace my old methodolgies with this one, which also allows you to search for substrings (more than 1-digit long)

Original Author: [])utch[]v[]aster


Public Function CountChar(vText as String, vChar as String, Optional IgnoreCase as Boolean) as Integer

  If IgnoreCase Then

    vText = LCase$(vText)

    vChar = LCase$(vChar)
  End If

  Dim L as Integer

  L = Len(vText)

  vText = Replace$(vText, vChar, "")

  CountChar = (L - Len(vText)) / Len(vChar)

End Function

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Posted: 2003-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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