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[AA+] Remove Duplicates From Listview

Fast way to Remove duplicates from ListView. I havn't seen anthing that is the same on PSC, so I hope this will help in the quest for a faster way to remove duplicate items from a listview.. though I really don't think there is a "Fast" way to do it.. Who knows.. ENJOY!

Original Author: nated


Private Sub RemoveDuplicates(lst As ListView)
Dim lRet As ListItem
Dim strTemp As String
Dim intCnt As Integer
intCnt = 0
Do While intCnt <= lst.ListItems.Count - 1

intCnt = intCnt + 1
'Save the text that was in the listvew index
strTemp = lst.ListItems.Item(intCnt).Text

lst.ListItems.Item(intCnt).Text = "" 'Remove the text inside the specific index
'Use the FindItem() call to search for the specific item
Set lRet = lst.FindItem(strTemp, lvwText, lvwPartial)
'If the item is found, then it is a duplicate and is removed
If Not lRet Is Nothing Then
lst.ListItems.Remove (lRet.Index)
End If
Loop While Not lRet Is Nothing 'If no item is found the loop is exited

lst.ListItems.Item(intCnt).Text = strTemp 'reset the listitem index text back to what it was, and then continue
Debug.Print intCnt
DoEvents 'Added to ensure that the application does not lock up when doing large amounts of data.

End Sub

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Posted: 2003-06-01
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