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New Shores

I went into my private office a few Sundays ago early in morning, with a steaming cup of coffee and a salami roll to start off the day with surfing the internet and particularly PSC, hoping to find some interesting code or project which I might consider worth studying more deeply. Unfortunately - or rather fortunately - I found none. But I found Keith's short notice about throwing off the bowline and starting out to new shores. So I myself started thinking about all kinds of things while munching my roll, and all of a sudden it occured to me to work out how many Sundays average people live. And guess what - I came up with 3,900 if they live to be 75. Okay, I know, some live longer, but then some live less and 3,900 seems a good averrage: there are only thirtyninehundred Sundays in a whole lifespan!

I got into thinking then that I had already spent the majority off these - in fact more than thirtyfivehundred - doing all kinds of useless things (like writing silly little programs or trying to be creative) and it occured to me that I had less than 400 Sundays left to enjoy.

So I shut down Windows and cooked a genuine breakfast for me and my wife - with fried eggs, bacon, cipolatas, toast and butter, orange marmalade and a real good hot pot of Earl Grey tea (luckily all that was in the house and I could even locate it).

To cut a long story short, that Sunday became one of the most enjoyable days in a long time. The sun was out and we went on an excursion into the mountains, we looked at the hills and mountains, we lay in the gras watching the clouds, we talked about the future of our son and of ourselves, and it turned out that there's more to life than fighting program bugs or being mighty clever twisting bits and bytes.

So I'm also off to new shores now and it's Good Bye to everybody; it was a good time at PSC so long as it lasted, but it's over now.

Good luck and happy hacking to everyone of you. Thanks for your votes and comments, for your compliments and criticisms, and for your time spent with me and my submissions.

Good Bye again


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Posted: 2002-06-01
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