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Get the Most Out of Your Searches on Planet Source Code

Get the Most Out of Your Searches on Planet Source Code

Original Author: Dreamcoding


Have you ever wondered how you can get the most out of your searches on Planet Source Code?
This is more of a tip than an article, but it is well worth learning.
Notice at the top of PSC there is a menu that says "Newest Best" and underneath of this menu there is an item called "All Time Hall of Fame". Go ahead and open a new browser and visit this section.
If you have been here before, you are probably familiar with seeing the same top results that have been there for years. For example the "Inventory Control System" that has been the top code since 2002. This is a nice section for browsing through the top code on this site. However to find code top code that is relevant to what you need, you would have to browse through thousands of entries.
Here's the secret.. are you ready? It's such a simple and powerful tip that you'll kick yourself when I tell you it.
Take your cursor and place it at the end of the URL and add this text:
Now hit your enter key. And.. Voila!
You now have the results of the top rated code that is related to exactly what topic you are interested in finding.
Some of you might be saying, well PSC already has a "Most Popular" search option in their search section. There is a big difference here. Most popular is much different than "Top Code". Most popular shows you the code that is relevant to your search that has been viewed the most times. Typically this will show you many low rated entries that are old. Older code generally has more views than the newer code because it's been around for quite some time.
The only other thing you need to know for this tip is that if you are searching for multiple keywords you will want to add plus signs instead of spaces in the URL.
E.g. &txtCriteria=linked+list
Your final URL would look like this:
If you are a fairly decent programmer, you can easily make a program to do this tip for you. If you are interested, I can upload it.
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I have created a program in VB to automate this tip. Here is the link for it:
Happy Searching!

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