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A Compare Time Function (like you can compare dates in VB)

This will allow you to compare times. I noticed that there is a 'Date' type in VB, but no 'Time' type. So if you want to compare Dates you are fine, but for Time comparisons you are a bit stuffed. This is very simple, and will allow you to convert times into numbers so that you can make easy comparisons with them.

Original Author: Proxy Avoidance


' This is the sort of code that makes you think 'Why didnt I think of that?!?
' EG:
' IF TimeNo("21:55:32") < TimeNo("20:40:12") Then
' msgbox "WHOOO!"
' end if
' The code is also cross-compatible with different time formats...
' IF TimeNo("21:55:32") < TimeNo("8:40PM") Then
' msgbox "WHOOO!"
' end if
Public Function TimeNo(Time As String) As Long
TimeNo = CLng(Replace(Format(Time, "hhnnss"), ":", ""))
End Function

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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