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Neat VB Trick (Copy MsgBox Contents)

Copies the Caption, Text, and Buttons of a Message Box.. SUPER easy.

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It is actually a very easy thing to do.. Lets take this example. You are programming a very complex application. You get an error MsgBox with an error number, a description, and some buttons. How do I record this? Beleive it or not, I used to take a screenshot of the msgbox, and print it in Photoshop. I never knew you could simply hit: CTRL-C when the message box has focus. The MsgBox Caption, Text, and Buttons will all be copied to the clipboard in this manner:


Error Title




Yes No Cancel


Please note, when pressing CTRL-C on the message box, you may hear a system beep (indicating you've pressed an invalid key). At least thats what happens on my computer. This is not the case. In this instance, the beep means "Copied to Clipboard"... Enjoy this tip.

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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