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Graphic Tiling Made Easy

Quickly Tile a Form Background using VB PaintPicture

Original Author: ?└Phil?└


Explanation:- Tiling is a way of using a single graphic source to cover an entire area

or background without stretching a picture. This method is also very low on memory use.

The following example shows a very simple and quick way to tile a forms background using

Visual Basics' built-in PaintPicture command

Example Code:

'** Quickly Tile a Form Background using VB PaintPicture
'** Assumes: You have a picture on screen called "Image1"
' obv change this to suit your program.
'** Level: Beginner
'** Author: P.Glancey
Private Sub Form_Load()
Image1.Visible = False ' Hide the image
Call TileIt(Me, Image1) ' Call the tiling function
End Sub
Private Sub Form_Resize()
Call TileIt(Me, Image1) 'Call again when resized
End Sub
Function TileIt(TheForm As Form, ImageSource As Image)
Dim I As Integer, J As Integer
Dim Result1 As Integer, Result2 As Integer
TheForm.AutoRedraw = True ' Set the form autoredraw
TheForm.Refresh   ' and refresh
Result1 = TheForm.Height / ImageSource.Height
Result2 = TheForm.Width / ImageSource.Width
For I = 0 To Result1
  For J = 0 To Result2
   TheForm.PaintPicture ImageSource.Picture, J * _
   ImageSource.Width, I * ImageSource.Height, _
   ImageSource.Width, ImageSource.Height
End Function

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