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Running ASP on NT wihout IIS

Want to solve those IIS server restart issues - read this article - the web serving platform you dreamt of on NT ?

Original Author: Bryan Carmichael


' This should work with ALL versions of VB, BUT
' It was only tested with VB4 (16-Bit). I will
' Be sure to test it on VB6. Just Follow the code
' Below
Make a timer and name it Timer1
Set its Enabled property to False
Now set its Interval Property to the time you want the action to occur.
Make 2 command buttons.
Label 1 of them ON
the other OFF.
'In Timer1 Place the following code
retvalue = mciSendString("set CDAudio door open", returnstring, 127, 0)
retvalue = mciSendString("set CDAudio door closed", returnstring, 127,0)
' In Command1 labeled On place the following code
Timer1 = Enabled
' In Command2 labeled OFF place the following code
Timer1 = Disbaled

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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