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Unique Hit Counter

This code used cookies to count unique hits.
If the user has the cookie, then the hit isn't
counted. If they don't, then the hit is counted,
and they are given a cookie. All you have to do
is use an #include file="nameoffile.asp" and the
correct action is preformed. I made this script
for my host to count unique hits across his
networked sites. This is also my submission to
the asp world of PSC all my expreience is in the
VB world. I hope you guys like it!

Original Author: atwinda

API Declarations

2001 ? Atwinda Software


<% 'ASP by Atwinda Software
Response.Expires = 0
Dim strNetSite
'This is the only place you have to change the name
'and the name of the file.
strNetSite = "sitename"
If CheckCookie(strNetSite) = "False" Then
Call CountHit
Call AddCookie
End If
Function CheckCookie(strCookieName)
If Request.Cookies(strCookieName) = "" Then
CheckCookie = "False"
CheckCookie = "True"
End If
End Function
Function AddCookie()
Response.Buffer = True
Response.Cookies(strNetSite) = strNetSite
Response.Cookies(strNetSite).Expires = Date() + 1
End Function
Function CountHit()
On Error Resume Next
Dim objCntFSO, objCntFile, intHits
Set objCntFSO = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objCntFile = objCntFSO.OpenTextFile(Server.MapPath(strNetSite & ".cnt"), 1)
intHits = objCntFile.ReadLine
Set objCntFile = Nothing
If intHits = "" Then intHits = 0
intHits = intHits + 1
Set objCntFile = objCntFSO.CreateTextFile(Server.MapPath(strNetSite & ".cnt"), True)
objCntFile.Write intHits
Set objCntFSO = Nothing
Set objCntFile = Nothing
End Function

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