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Unique w/ database & more than one page

This is an update to my Unique Hit Counter that
used a text file to keep track of all hits. With
a database, more than one page on your site can be
monitored by this file. It uses the servervariable
url to determine what page it needs to add a hit
As with my last hit counter, it uses cookies to
keep track of who has been and who hasn't. I built
my Text to Images into this script. As with that
submission, you have to make your own images. They
don't have to be any special height, or width. My
images start with "cnt_" and have a numerical
value coresponding with the value passed (that
means you need images cnt_0 - cnt_9). I also have
a cnt_start and cnt_end image to make everything
look nice.
Save this save as something like counter.asp and
just use an include (). You can use it on every
page on your site to track where people go, and

Original Author: atwinda


Dim objHitConn, strHitSQL, objHitRs, intHits, strHitFile
Set objHitConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
objHitConn.Provider = "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0"
objHitConn.Open Server.MapPath("counter.mdb")
'counter.mdb needs to have a table named "Main"
'along with two colunms: "Page" and "Hits"
strHitFile = Request.ServerVariables("url")
strHitSQL = "SELECT Page, Hits From Main Where Page='" & strHitFile & "'"
Set objHitRs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
objHitRs.Open strHitSQL, objHitConn, 1, 2
If objHitRs.EOF Then
intHits = 0
objHitRs.Fields("Page").Value = strHitFile
intHits = objHitRs.Fields("Hits").Value
End If
intHits = CInt(intHits) + 1
objHitRs.Fields("Hits").Value = CStr(intHits)
set objHitRs = nothing
set objHitConn = nothing
Call DisplayImg(intHits)
Function DisplayImg(intNum)
Dim itmCur, tmpCur
Response.Write ""
For itmCur = 1 To Len(intNum)
tmpCur = Mid(cStr(intNum), itmCur, 1)
Response.Write ""
Response.Write ""
End Function

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