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IIS Authentication

Posted: 2002-06-01
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Requests users to login to website with NT Account.

Original Author: Lewis E. Moten III


Dim ObjSite
Call Authenticate(ObjSite)
Sub Authenticate(ByRef pObjSite)

Dim lLngInstanceID
Dim lStrMetabasePath
Dim lBlnContinue
Dim lBlnLoginFailure

On Error Resume Next
lLngInstanceID = Request.ServerVariables("INSTANCE_ID")

' Programmers Notes ...
' Metabase Path Key Type
' /LM/W3SVC IIsWebService
' /LM/W3SVC/N IIsWebServer
' /LM/W3SVC/N/ROOT IIsWebVirtualDir
' /LM/W3SVC/N/ROOT/WebVirtualDir IIsWebVirtualDir
' /LM/W3SVC/N/ROOT/WebVirtualDir/WebDirectory IIsWebDirectory
' /LM/W3SVC/N/ROOT/WebVirtualDir/WebDirectory/WebFile IIsWebFile
' N = lLngInstanceID

lStrMetabasePath = Request.ServerVariables("APPL_MD_PATH")
lStrMetabasePath = Replace(lStrMetabasePath, "/LM/", "IIS://LOCALHOST/", 1, vbTextCompare)

Set pObjSite = GetObject(lStrMetabasePath)
If Err = &H800401E4 Or Err = 70 Then
Response.Status = "401 access denied"
BlnContinue = False
BlnLoginFailure = True
If Err = 0 Then
lBlnContinue = True
lBlnContinue = False
lBlnLoginFailure = False
End If
End If

If lBlnLoginFailure Then
Response.Write "Login Failure.
End If
If Not lBlnContinue Then
Response.Write "Can not continue.
End If
End Sub

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