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Detect if Cookies are Enabled with 1 (that's one!) line of code

In looking for an easy way to detect the client browser's cookie settings, everything I've found has been complex. Each example I've found requires a page refresh or redirect to itself. This severely hampers true application development as the Request.Form collection is then cleared. This code is something simple I stumbled on and it works (see explanations).

Original Author: Jeff Allen


I have NOT tested this on ALL platforms or with all clients, however, since the SITESERVER/ID cookie key links the client to a session established on the server, I'm fairly certain it will work for all cases. Please don't shoot me if it doesn't. :) I DO know that it works on Microsoft IIS and with IE v5 or better. I included in my example a redirect to an error page, however you could do absolutely anything you wanted if the test was true.


  <%@ Language=VBScript %>
  <%option explicit
  If Len(Request.Cookies("SITESERVER")("ID")) = 0 Then Response.Redirect "BrowserError.asp"

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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