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Global.asa: To be or not to be?

To educate all coders when or when not to use the 'Global.asa' file and the conditions you must fullfill when you do use it. I knew I had a lot of trouble finding documentation like this. If you like it, please feel free to vote for it. Let me know what I can do to improve myself too, cuz this is my very first tutorial that I wrote. I've been told I'm good at explaining, but let me know ok? :) I'll see if I can dig up any more info on the 'Global.asa' file and try to continue this lesson. The most important reason why I created this tutorial is because most advanced scripts(i.e like my chat script, some database scripts, etc) use it. Very important piece of knowledge to be able to have at your fingertips. Now you can even impress your date with this stuff! ^_^ Not!! Hehe.

Original Author: Kaustav Acharya


Did you use web based
email accounts, shopping bags or online auctions before? If you did , didn't you
ask your self how that web application recognize that this is me when I go from
one page to another inside the site, or how it recognizes what I'm doing and its
me who did that event and not another visitor to the site? How could the site
remember visitors and know if they are still connected or not, or what are they

If they are using IIS the answer probably lies within the
Global.asa, Global.asa is an optional file that can be used to handle
application and session events. For example with the Global.asa help you can do
some function when a new user come to your site and another function when that
user leaves the site. With the session object you can track users and their
events and much more.

Some Facts about Global.asa

?? The file must be
named (Global.asa).
?? Global.asa must be
stored in the root directory of the web application.
?? Global.asa is processed automatically by the server
* The IIS starts and stops.
* Users start and stop sessions that use
the application's web pages.
?? The scripts
in the Global.asa are used to:
*Initialize application and session
*Connect to databases.
*Send cookies.
?? In the Global.asa your script must be enclosed with

End of Tutorial

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