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Week Ending Date

Posted: 2002-06-01
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Returns the date of the week-ending day based on the input date. Useful for due-by dates, weekly accounts etc.

Original Author: Joe McDonnell


A date, or use date() for the current date.
The number of the week-ending day (Sun=1 ... Sat=7).
Example: myvalue=<%=weekendday(date(),1)%>


A date.


This function accepts the input date and the weekending day (Sun=1.....Sat=7).
If the weekday of the input date is the same as the weekending day it returns the input date
Function weekendday(inputdate, day)
If Weekday(inputdate) > day Then
inputdate = inputdate + 7
End If
weekendday = inputdate + (day - Weekday(inputdate))
End Function

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