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It just gets the page name of your page without any slashes or .asp commented for beginners, 4 lines of code. This is a short little snippet I used today on a project, and didn't see anything like it on PSC, so just thought I would share it.
Comments welcome.

Original Author: snowboardr


ScriptName = "/asdfaf/asdf/sfsdf/fas/The_Page_Name.asp"

Function GetPageName(sScriptName)
'# Location of last slash In ScriptName + 1 because we don't want the slash

LastSlashLocation = InstrRev(sScriptName,"/") + 1

'# Location of last period in ScriptName

LastDotLocation = InstrRev(sScriptName,".")

'# Here we find out how long the page name is

ScriptPageNameLength = LastDotLocation - LastSlashLocation

'# Start 1 after the forward slash, and end before the period.
'# Set it to the function by using the function name

GetPageName = Mid(sScriptName,LastSlashLocation,ScriptPageNameLength)
End Function

'# Call Function
'# Outputs: The_Page_Name

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