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Email NDR to Public Folder

Run as a VBS from a scheduled task, logged in as the desired user, this script will move non-delivery reports (NDR) email to a public folder.

Original Author: Scott Rutledge


CONST strServer   = "SERVER"
  CONST strMailbox   = "MAILBOX"
  Dim objSession
  Dim objMessages
  Dim objOneMessage
  Dim objInfoStores
  Dim objInfoStore
  Dim objTopFolder
  Dim objFolders
  Dim objInbox
  Dim objSubFolder
  Dim objTargetFolder
  Dim strProfileInfo
  Dim bstrPublicRootID
  Dim i

  strProfileInfo = strServer & vblf & strMailbox
  Set objSession = CreateObject("MAPI.Session")
  objSession.Logon , , False, , , True, strProfileInfo
  Set objInfoStores = objSession.InfoStores
  For i = 1 To objInfoStores.Count
   If objInfoStores.Item(i)= "Public Folders" Then
     Set objInfoStore=objInfoStores.Item(i)
     Exit For
   End If
  bstrPublicRootID = objInfoStore.Fields.Item( &H66310102 ).Value
  Set objTopFolder = objSession.GetFolder(bstrPublicRootID, _
  Set objFolders = objTopFolder.Folders
  Set objFolder = objFolders.GetFirst()
  i = 0
  Do Until objFolder.Name = "Public Folder Name"
   i = i + 1
   If i > 100 Then 'kill the search
Exit Do
   End If
   Set objFolder=objFolders.GetNext()

  For i = 1 to 3 '3 passes enough to grab everything
   Set objInbox = objSession.Inbox
   Set objMessages = objInbox.Messages
   For Each objOneMessage in objMessages
   If objOneMessage.Type = "REPORT.IPM.Note.NDR" Then
   Set objCopyMsg = objOneMessage.MoveTo(objFolder.ID)
End If
  Set objOneMessage = Nothing
  Set objMessages = Nothing
  Set objFolder = Nothing
  Set objTopFolder = Nothing
  Set objSession = Nothing

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