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Multiple Selection

Enable Multiple Selection in a list field.

Original Author: Bhushan-


' Save this file as multiple_selection.asp
Dim intNumberSelected ' Count of items selected
Dim strSelectedTeams  ' String returned from QS (or Form)
Dim arrSelectedTeams  ' Variable to hold team array
Dim I         ' Looping variable
' Retrieve the count of items selected
intNumberSelected = Request.Form("teams").Count
if intNumberSelected = 0 Then
    Pick your favorite teams (hold down CTRL to select more than one):



    ' Retrieve the comma delimited list of teams that is returned
    ' from the Form collection. This could also be gotten from
    ' the QueryString collection, but I used the post method
    ' instead of get in my form.
    strSelectedTeams = Request.Form("teams")
    ' Split our text variable into an array so we have easy
    ' programmatic access to the individual elements. Rememeber
    ' the array will start at 0 not 1 so a 10 item array will
    ' run from 0 to 9 and not 1 to 10!
    ' Split takes a string and then searches for a delimiter
    ' (in this case the comma followed by a space) in that string.
    ' It returns an array of strings which consists of all the
    ' text except the delimiters cut up into nice little pieces
    ' at the delimiters. The last two parameters specify the
    ' maximum number of delimiters to find (-1 = all) and the last
    ' one is what type of comparison to perform
    ' (0 = binary comparison, 1 = text comparison)
    arrSelectedTeams = Split(strSelectedTeams, ", ", -1, 1)
    ' One of our ever-vigilant visitors pointed out to me that this will cause problems
    ' if any of yourchoices contain a comma. While he's right, I'm leaving the code
    ' as is,because I feel exposing users to the split command and some array work  
    ' is a goodthing, but if you need to use commas try something like this:
    'ReDim arrSelectedTeams(intNumberSelected - 1)
    'For I = 1 To intNumberSelected
    '    arrSelectedTeams(I - 1) = Request.Form("teams")(I)
    'Next 'I
    ' We now join our regularly scheduled program already in progress...
    ' Show users the count of and string containing their choices

You selected <%= intNumberSelected %> team(s).


Request.Form("teams") returned:


<%= strSelectedTeams %>


You can easily convert this to an array using the split command.
The contents of that array are shown in the table below:

        ' Some debugging lines if you start having problems
        'Response.Write LBound(arrSelectedTeams)
        'Response.Write UBound(arrSelectedTeams)
        ' Loop through the array showing one table row for each selection
        For I = LBound(arrSelectedTeams) To UBound(arrSelectedTeams)
        Next 'I
Array Element *Value
<%= I %><%= arrSelectedTeams(I) %>


Remember that VBScript arrays start counting from 0.
So a 10 item array will run from 0 to 9!

    ' Some code showing fully qualified requests. Might be fun to
    ' play with or possible useful for debugging.
    'Dim Item
    'For Each Item in Request.Form
    '    Response.Write Request.Form.Key(Item) & ": "
    '    Response.Write Request.Form.Item(Item) & " "
    '    Response.Write Request.Form.Item(Item).Count & "
End If



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