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This is a VBS script that will look for a item in a INI file. Comes in handy when you need to read INI files created by other applications. It's Read-only, no writing to INI files done here.

Original Author: Grummite


Changes need made in the
'code for the INI filename
'and INI item parameters.
'Look for the Code between
'the lines of ''''''s.


It returns a message box
'with the string being
'search for.


Private Sub Form_Load()
Text3D "Hallo", "Times New Roman", 26, 1500, 200, 100, 146, 16, 46
End Sub
Public Sub Text3D(Strng As String, Fnt As String, Font_size As Integer, XVal As Integer, YVal As Integer, Depth As Integer, Redcol As Integer, Greencol As Integer, Bluecol As Integer)
Form1.AutoRedraw = True
Form1.FontSize = Font_size
Form1.Font = Fnt
Form1.ForeColor = RGB(Redcol, Greencol, Bluecol)
ShadowY = YVal
ShadowX = XVal
For i = 0 To Depth
Form1.CurrentX = ShadowX - i
Form1.CurrentY = ShadowY + i
If i = Depth Then Form1.ForeColor = RGB(Redcol + 80, Greencol + 80, Bluecol + 80)
Form1.Print Strng
Next i
Form1.AutoRedraw = False
End Sub

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