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The following is reprinted for archival purposes from Gary Beene's Information Center, with permission from Mr. Beene himself.

VB comes With a graphical inteface For entering And executingcode (some languages still use the command line). The InterfaceIs called the Integrated Developement Environment (IDE)

The IDE And compiler are integrated.

The basic Function of the IDE Is To provide a text editor Forwriting your code.

The second basic Function of the IDE Is To allow you To run yourprogram immediately (simply press F5), without first having Tocompile your program.

The third primary Function of the IDE Is To allow your To compileyour program.

VB's IDE allows you to open one or more projects or to combineprojects into groups.

The IDE also manages the addition / deletion of forms, modulesAnd Class files To your projects.

The IDE provides some other very key features:

  1. code editor With syntax highlighting
  2. Intellisense (displays possible options To finishing a line of code)
  3. programs can be executed immediately from the IDE
  4. programs can be compiled To create an EXE For later execution
  5. debug features, including Step - by - Step execution of a program
  6. expression watches, where you can pause When specified conditions are met

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