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Boost Your CloudFront Security with AWS WAF Recommendations

Elevate your CloudFront security with the new AWS WAF security suggestions directly in the CloudFront console. CloudFront now showcases enhanced security protocols tailored to your unique configurations, such as path patterns or origin types. Activating these recommendations is a breeze—simply pick the rules and CloudFront seamlessly integrates them into your AWS WAF setup.

In a move to simplify security, CloudFront recently introduced one-click security measures, handling AWS WAF setup and providing instant protections. Now, get personalized suggestions depending on your CloudFront setup. Say you've set a cache behavior for a WordPress path pattern; you can activate defenses to ward off malicious requests targeting WordPress, PHP, and SQL database vulnerabilities. Plus, to safeguard against HTTP floods, there's a streamlined process to manage request rate limits. This starts in monitor mode to track metrics, informs you if the set rate is surpassed, and gives the option to adjust the rate or activate blocking—all within the CloudFront console.

Dive into these security insights in the Web Application Firewall (WAF) section of the CloudFront console, applicable for both new and ongoing CloudFront distributions. While standard AWS WAF pricing applies, you can gauge the costs using the in-console pricing calculator. For a deeper understanding, check out the CloudFront Developer Guide.

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Posted: 2023-10-04
By: dwirch
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