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Sony Faces Multiple Data Breaches Impacting Employees

Sony has alerted several current and former Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) employees about a system breach in May, compromising their personal information. Approximately 6,800 individuals received these notifications, as highlighted by Bleeping Computer, which also confirmed a subsequent breach in September.

The ransomware group, Cl0p, announced its involvement in a June Sony server breach. The intrusion stemmed from a weakness in the MOVEit Transfer platform utilized by SIE. Numerous organizations, along with Sony, have faced cyberattacks via MOVEit.

Progress Software, the brains behind MOVEit Transfer, informed its users, including Sony, about a platform vulnerability on May 31st. Subsequent to this alert, SIE identified a breach on May 28th, with hackers extracting data from the server.

This server contained identifiable data of US employees. To support the affected individuals, Sony is offering credit monitoring services and has addressed the vulnerability.

A separate breach was investigated by Sony in September, with hackers obtaining 3.14GB of data. The breached server, located in Japan, is linked to internal tests for Sony's Entertainment, Technology, and Services division. After the leak of files from platforms like SonarQube, certificates, Creators’ Cloud, and more, Sony has decommissioned the server for investigation. Despite this recent breach, Sony assured there's no negative influence on its operations.

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Posted: 2023-10-09
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