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The Debate Surrounding Google's Bard Chatbot

Alphabet's Google and Discord Inc. maintain an exclusive chat for Bard enthusiasts, Google's AI chatbot. This chat has become a breeding ground for discussions about Bard’s utility and the resources poured into its development. Some experts question the reliability of outputs from large language models (LLMs) which underpin chatbots like Bard and OpenAI's ChatGPT.

After launching Bard in March as a response to OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google continuously updated the product, even integrating it with Gmail, Maps, Docs, and YouTube. However, these advancements were met with criticism regarding misleading AI responses. Consequently, a Google search button was added to Bard to validate AI-generated answers.

Beyond the technical issues, Google faced scrutiny over the treatment of contractors training Bard and for prioritizing speed over quality, even as Bard's success remained crucial to Google's hold on the search market.

Insights from Google's Discord chat reveal mixed sentiments even among Google's own staff. Some see potential in Bard for creative and coding purposes, while others express reservations.

Google perceives this Discord discussion as a natural part of product evolution. They had launched the server to gather feedback before a broader release. Despite acknowledging the chatbot's limitations, the company remains hopeful and responsive to user feedback.

A thriving community exists on this Discord server, with members discussing Bard's capabilities. Yet, the exclusivity of the chat raised eyebrows, with some critics finding the secretive nature unsettling.

Notably, sensitive issues related to Google were broached in the chat, revealing how Google handles public criticism. Concerns range from ethical ones, like Google’s involvement with military contracts, to technical aspects, like refining Bard’s responses.

Cost and sustainability concerns of LLMs were also discussed, emphasizing the need to reduce the enormous resource costs. Bard's accuracy remains a top priority for Google, though challenges persist.

While there's general excitement about the potential of generative AI, reservations about its impact linger. Some employees believe it might eventually benefit the educational sector, offering round-the-clock student support.

The debate on Bard’s capabilities and potential implications remains a hot topic both within and outside the company.

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Posted: 2023-10-12
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