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Apple's Generative AI Rollout Expected by Late 2024

Apple is projected to introduce generative AI technology to its iPhone and iPad devices by late 2024, as per insights from Jeff Pu, an analyst at Haitong International Securities in Hong Kong.

Pu's recent research note indicated Apple's potential move to set up several AI servers in 2023, expanding substantially in the following year. He anticipates Apple's integration of cloud-based AI alongside "edge AI" for enhanced on-device data processing. However, the tech giant's adherence to customer privacy might cause a cautious deployment of generative AI.

With this timeline, Apple might integrate generative AI features in iOS 18 and iPadOS 18. Speculations from The Information suggest Apple's ambition to enhance Siri's functionality, enabling users to automate intricate tasks, potentially as a part of iOS 18.

Despite these projections, some experts, like Ming-Chi Kuo, believe Apple lags its competitors in generative AI, raising questions about the 2024 timeline's feasibility.

Generative AI gained traction after OpenAI's ChatGPT debut. Both Google and Microsoft subsequently unveiled analogous chatbots. Such bots are trained on expansive language models, mimicking human-like responses.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman hinted at Apple's internal testing of a "ChatGPT-like" chatbot, termed "Apple GPT". However, Apple's strategy for public generative AI tool releases remains uncertain.

Apple has openly expressed its generative AI interests, even highlighting the technology in recent job listings.

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, discussed their generative AI endeavors in a Forbes interview, emphasizing a cautious and thoughtful approach due to potential misuse and inherent biases.

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Posted: 2023-10-23
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