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Boeing Faces Cybersecurity Breach as Lockbit Gang Leaks Internal Data

Boeing, a major defense and space contractor, encountered a cybersecurity incident with internal data exposed online by the Lockbit cybercrime group.

The hackers had previously threatened to release sensitive information unless a ransom was paid by November 2. Boeing confirmed the breach in its parts and distribution business, assuring the public that the incident doesn't jeopardize aircraft or flight safety. The extent of data compromised, including potential access to defense-sensitive information, remains undisclosed. Lockbit, recognized as a highly organized criminal gang, has targeted organizations globally, with the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency reporting hits on 1,700 U.S. entities.

The incident follows a ransomware attack on the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China's U.S. arm, possibly linked to Lockbit.

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Posted: 2023-11-13
By: dwirch
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