Use Debug to Identify Your Video Card

Posted On 2008-07-01 by FortyPoundHead
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These steps will help you identify the type of video card installed in your system.

  1. Click START–>RUN and type COMMAND. Click OK.

  2. In the MS-DOS window that opens, type: Debug press the Enter key.

  3. A dash should appear on your screen followed by a flashing cursor. Type: D C000:0010 and press ENTER.

  4. A screen of hexadecimal numbers will appear with the ASCII translation on the far right edge of the screen. The information will include the identifier for your video card.

  5. Type: Q and press ENTER to exit the debug program.

  6. Type: EXIT and press ENTER to return to the Operating System.

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By: dwirch
Date: 2011-10-23

Remember- debug is not available in Vista or Windows 7.

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