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Wyze Camera Glitch Exposes Private Feeds

Some owners of Wyze security cameras found themselves viewing other users' camera feeds unexpectedly on Friday. Wyze attributes this breach to a web caching problem.

Reddit was ablaze with users discussing the bizarre phenomenon. One user remarked about suddenly seeing unfamiliar feeds, while another detailed being able to access all events on a stranger's camera. Many echoed these concerns, with some even stating they observed the exact same unfamiliar camera feeds as others.

These unauthorized views were accessed via Wyze's web viewer at The company acknowledged the glitch and informed users the site was "under maintenance." An update from Wyze at 5:44PM ET on Friday reaffirmed the site's maintenance status.

A representative from Wyze confirmed the malfunction in their online portal which allowed users to view other customers' feeds. The representative could not provide an estimate on a fix but assured that their team was focused on security improvements.

Wyze spokesperson, Dave Crosby, later clarified the situation, stating the issue was fixed and was operational, though the status page hadn't been updated to reflect this. According to Crosby, preliminary findings suggest around 10 users' feeds were compromised. The extent of views on these compromised feeds remains undetermined.

Notably, in March 2022, Wyze disclosed a security flaw in their WyzeCam v1 cameras, which had been known to the company for three years. Instead of notifying users, the company chose to discontinue the camera model.

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Posted: 2023-09-13
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