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Disable System Restore in Windows 7
You've removed temp files, cleaned off the IE Cache, removed old downloads, and you still don't have enough drive space to install that great game.
Posted:2009-09-06 , 1828 views

IRQ Priority Tweak
You will need to create a new DWORD: IRQ#Priority (where # is the number of the IRQ you want to prioritize) and give it a setting of 1.
Posted:2009-06-20 , 5507 views

A faster NTFS file system
You probably use the NTFS file system (see the properties of your C: partition).
Posted:2007-08-27, 2318 views

Use Cached Exchange Mode Option is Grayed Out
You can't enable Use Cached Exchange Mode because it is grayed out.
Posted:2008-04-14, 15299 views

Create A Huge File
You can create a file of any size using nothing more than what's supplied with Windows.
Posted:2009-05-24 , 1717 views

Disable User Tracking in WIndows XP
Yes, you read it right.
Posted:2008-07-13, 1971 views

Force XP to Unload DLLs
XP has a bad habit of keeping dynamic link libraries that are no longer in use resident in memory.
Posted:2009-06-20 , 1745 views

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